The Latest

Aug 12th 05
Several weeks of eventful and at times frustrating development have passed and the infrastructure for Windmill: The Social Library is now live.
Exhibition is free and for one day on Saturday the 13th August (see coedd for more details.)

May 26th 05
Had a very fruitful second meeting with Dave Pattern, the Library Systems Manager. I discussed my recent progress with Dave and we exchanged thoughts on how I could develop aspects of the proposal further with his help. Based on my requirements for the book cover search, Dave very kindly coded a custom script that enables me to query the central database using Dewey ranges to find which books are on a particular shelf, as well as their titles and ISBN numbers.

May 25th 05
Met with Lorraine Noel from Library and Computing Services, she is a member of the panel who are investigating the implementation of RFID in the university library.

April 27th 05
2 minute Poster presentation about the project at Microsoft Research Cambridge, Less is More forum. Ever grateful for the opportunity , read coverage on the blog.

April 20th 05
Brief chat with Pamela Armitage (Academic Librarian Art and Design) before school meeting, suggested meeting with Lorraine Noel about RFID pilot thats underway.

February 15th 05
Correspondence date, emailed Library Systems Manager, Dave Pattern, Huddersfield University to thank them for the insightful meeting earlier that week.

February 9th 05
Meeting with Amanda Tinker, PhD candidate and subject area librarian for Art & Design. Amanda's research is about view based deconstruction of the Dewey system, and classifications that dont necessarily make it into the shelf ordering systems.

March 13th 05
Interviewed staff at Huddersfield Public Library

February 11th 05
Field Research day, Huddersfield Library.