Statement from Iman
19 June 2009

After what seems like an eternity beyond my MA (I've taught for four years) I've decided to take a break from full time teaching of undergraduates. To kick things off I'm presenting at Mashed Libraries 09 with Dave Pattern and doing other interesting things.

As a bit of a history since the project. I embedded the visualisation of library data as the core of a intermediate module and have been involved with the University library in an advisorial / collaborator
/ friendly / supporter capacity over the years. A lot of the things I discussed in my study are actually now part of the Library experience at the University of Huddersfield, which I'm immensely pleased about.

At the bottom of this page are links to the reports I wrote for the project and an overview of what it was.

What was the Smart Library 2004 - 2005?

The Smart Library Project was a project looking at ways of enhancing and encouraging academic library usage via implementing smart and interactive technologies in existing library spaces.

Ultimately assessing how the perceived complexity of the library experience can simplified by augmenting conventional foot searches with a number of existing physical computing, screen based, collaborative and locative technologies.


Enhancing the Library experience at Huddersfield University, as a model case.

Guiding and encouraging creative technology students (Multimedia, VR, Smart Design) to develop prototypes of concepts discussed within the framework of the project research areas.

Publishing research findings and extending partnership with professional research bodies.

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Technical documentation and
Conceptual Documentation Windmill

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Old News

12th August 2005
First complete project emerges.
Windmill: The Social Library.
See pictures of my MA Show.